At its September product launch event last year, Amazon announced a new wellness device called the Halo Rise. It’s the third model in Amazon’s lineup of sleep trackers, which also functions as a sunrise alarm clock. It joined the original Halo, from 2020, and the Halo View, from 2021. The Halo Rise uses low-energy sensors to track your sleep stages, recognize sleep patterns and even notice changes in your environment —  all this from your bedside nightstand. Amazon says the gadget translates this information into valuable insights into your sleep that are easily accessible in the Halo app. (We haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.)

Amazon isn’t alone; major companies are upping their game when it comes to helping consumers get better sleep, at a time when some parts of the world are experiencing insomnia in over half the population. Google, Apple, Samsung and even mattress companies have introduced sleep tracking tech that gives you a better understanding of your specific sleep patterns and how you might improve your rest.

The Halo Rise will be available later this year. Here are other sleep-tracking products you can get your hands on today.

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The second-generation Nest Hub is more of an all-in-one smart display that doubles as a sleep tracker.

It can recognize changes in light and temperature, sleep disturbances like snoring and your respiratory rate. After gathering data, it offers insights into the disturbances that keep you from getting a full night’s sleep. 

Like the Halo Rise, it sits on your countertop or nightstand to sense sleep patterns rather than a band around your wrist. However, you can also watch Netflix on the Nest Hub, listen to music, use voice commands to control your home functions, ask questions and use other useful tools. Read our Nest Hub 2nd Gen review.



The Inspire 3 is a sleep and fitness tracker released in August that uses motion detection and heart-rate monitoring to detect your sleep. It measures the time you spend in light sleep, deep sleep and REM so you can better understand your patterns and recognize trends during your nightly sleep.  

You can also take advantage of features like a silent alarm that’ll gently buzz you awake or a smart alarm that’ll go off during the optimal part of your sleeping stages, so you feel better rested.  

The Fitbit Inspire 3 offers quality sleep tracking at the affordable (compared to other Fitbits) price of $98 with a minimally invasive design to allow more comfortable sleep. Read our Fitbit Inspire 3 review.




Wearing a wristband to sleep isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If that’s the case, you could invest in an Oura Ring. It’s an advanced sleep tech device designed for you to wear day to night, as a stylish piece of jewelry and a premium sleep/fitness tracker. 

The Oura Ring uses sensors to measure sleep time and changes in your body, such as heart rate or temperature and scores your overall sleep quality using the information it gathers. The Oura Ring’s insights will help you recognize habits that keep you from getting restful sleep. Read our Oura Ring 3 review.

A mattress’ job is to help you get a good night’s sleep, but the Eight Sleep Pod takes it up a couple of hundred notches as a functioning smart bed. It’s expensive but one of the most high-tech beds you can find on the market, with sleep tracking built into the mattress. 

Each side of the mattress has invisible sensors that track your movement, tosses and turns, sleep stages, heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature. The Eight Sleep Pod will also automatically adjust its temperature to a warmth or coolness that fits your specific needs. 

Additional features include a gentle alarm, personalized health reports and digital coaching to help you improve sleep and health habits. Read more about the Eight Sleep Pod Smart Bed.

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is another mattress that doubles as a sleep tracker. Like the Eight Sleep Pod, the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed uses sensors in the mattress to track your nightly movements, breathing patterns, heart rate and temperature. 

As the bed translates the data and reads your movements, it automatically adjusts to help promote a better environment for sleep. In addition to the ability to change firmness levels, you can also add on an adjustable base to raise the head and foot of your bed and put you in Zero Gravity mode — a weightless, low-pressure position that helps relieve pain in your lower back. 

With this mattress, you can keep track of how long you spend in each sleep stage, watch for nightly trends and use the information to improve your sleep quality. 


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If your budget doesn’t allow for a premium smart bed, the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat is a really great comparable sleep tracker. It’s not a full mattress but a smart pad you place over your side of the bed that’ll track your sleep and translate the data to help you understand your patterns. 

It uses a pneumatic and sound sensor to measure heart and respiratory rate and identify movements and sounds you make while asleep during the night. It’ll also record the length of time you spend in a light sleep stage, deep sleep and REM sleep. The Withings Sleep Tracking Mat will automatically transfer the data to a sleep diary you can share with your doctor to develop a sleep improvement plan. 

The Withings Sleep Tracking Mat also has a few smart features I didn’t expect; you’re able to program it to turn off lights when you get into bed, and turn them on when you hop back in.


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As an addition to Amazon’s Halo sleep tracking family, the Halo Band is a wearable sleep and fitness tracking device with access to an extensive library of workouts. Designed to take anywhere, the Halo Band is less bulky and more comfortable to sleep with than a traditional watch or fitness tracker. 

It tracks your sleep stages, measures sleep temperature and your time spent asleep versus wakeups to help offer personalized solutions to improve your sleep quality. 

An added plus? It costs $70, making it more wallet-friendly than many popular sleep trackers.


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